Sten ErikssonChairman
Sten Eriksson, CTH

Board member
Samrand Shafeie, CTH

BoardAndraDBoard member
Andra Dedinaite, KTH
BoardMathsKBoard member
Maths Karlsson, CTH
BoardMartinMBoard Member
Martin MÃ¥nsson, KTH
BoardTommyNBoard member
Tommy Nylander, LU
BoardAdrianRBoard member
Adrian Rennie, UU
BoardMartinSBoard Member
Martin Sahlberg, UU


The boards currently consists of the chairman and 7 members. Every third year at the SNSS yearly meeting the members are given the opportunities to propose and vote for new members of the board. The chairman is elected separately. There are no time limits on how long one can be a member of the board, but all memeber are elected every third year.
It is the intention that the board should reflect as many as possible of the Swedish universities where there are active groups in the area of neutron scattering. The board was elected at the annual SNSS meeting in April 2014.

The minutes from the annual meeting of SNSS are available here.