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SNSS annual business meeting 2020

May 12 @ 10:50 - 11:50

There will be an election for a new board of the Swedish Neutron Scattering Society (SNSS) at the next annual meeting in May 2020.  There is a nomination committee that helps to prepare for this election.  Individual members who are either themselves interested to serve on the Board or would like to suggest the names of others are asked to inform the nomination committee.  It is particularly useful to have a sentence of motivation for these suggestions as well as full contact details.
The election will include the position of a student or post-doc member who would be elected for a one-year mandate period as described in the SNSS rules.  It is helpful to identify particularly candidates for this post.  The other members would be elected for a three-year mandate.
The nomination committee will consider these suggestions and other possible names that come forward.  They will endeavour in this way to find a suitable list of candidates.


Please send all suggestions to Adrian.Rennie@physics.uu.se who will co-ordinate the work of the nomination committee.  It would be appreciated if suggestions were made by 1st February 2020.