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SNSS Webinar Series: Reflectometry session

07-09-2021 @ 13:00 - 15:00

The Webinar 4 dealing with Reflection will take place on September 7 between kl 13-15.


The speakers of this session are:


Alessandra Luchini, ESS. Instrument responsible for ESTIA.

Title: Investigating membrane proteins with neutron reflectometry

Nicòlo Paracini, Malmö University.

Title: Nanoparticle supported lipid bilayers, structural characterization by specular and off-specular reflectometry techniques

Alexandr Talyzin, Umeå University.

Title: Graphene oxide sorption properties studied by neutron reflectometry

Alexei Vorobiev, Uppsala University/ILL.

Title: Research at the Swedish neutron reflectometer Super ADAM


Please register by writing an e-mail to contact@snss.se and writing in the subject: Registration to SNSS Webinar Series: Reflectometry!


The following webinar will deal with Spectroscopy and is planned for November 16, kl 13-15.


13:00 - 15:00
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