Biomedicine and Bioengineering

Biomedicine and Bioengineering cover topics such as the understanding of biological and physiological principles related to medicine, and the application of such knowledge to engineer artificial tissue, implants and biosensors.

In Sweden, research scientists use neutron scattering to look at the lipoprotein capacity to exchange fats. Lipoproteins, often known as the good and bad cholesterol, are linked to lipid metabolism and the development of atherosclerosis. Examples of the work by Cárdenas’ group at Malmö University are listed below:

Neutron scattering aids in understanding atherosclerotic plaque build-up – a game of hide and seek

Neutron reflection reveals how lipoproteins cannot exchange fats when both saturated fats and cholesterol are present in model membranes

A very popular area is that of implants. This covers understanding the structure of bones and teeth, as well as the development of new materials with similar properties and high biocompatibility. In this area we find the work of Hanna Isaksson, who has been studying:
Bone nanostructure studied by small-angle neutron and X-ray scattering