SwedNess Course in Neutron Spectroscopy

School SwedNess Course Code: GSn_0xx English Course Title: Neutron Spectroscopy Swedish Course Title: Neutronspektroskopi Credits: 5 hp (3 for part A and 2 for part B) Ecuational Level: Third Cycle Academic Level (A-D): D Subject Area: Neutron Scattering Grade Scale: Pass/Fail Eligibility/Prerequisites Primary: PhD students within SwedNess Secondary: Other MSc/PhD students and Postdocs at Swedish/Nordic […]

SWEbeams workshop in Lund

The logos of SWEbeams, Lund University, Malmö University and Chalmers University of Technology

A workshop in Lund, Sweden regarding the research facilities under development in Lund: ESS and MAX IV. The workshop will be held in Swedish.