The MATRAC-2 Summer School offered by Chalmers Technical University

The MATRAC 2 School will provide a systematic overview of the application of neutrons and synchrotron radiation to the structural analysis of engineering materials and will focus on neutron scattering and imaging experiments. Students and young scientists from research and industry from all of Europe interested in this field are welcome to participate. Application deadline: […]

SwedNess Course in Neutron Spectroscopy

School SwedNess Course Code: GSn_0xx English Course Title: Neutron Spectroscopy Swedish Course Title: Neutronspektroskopi Credits: 5 hp (3 for part A and 2 for part B) Ecuational Level: Third Cycle Academic Level (A-D): D Subject Area: Neutron Scattering Grade Scale: Pass/Fail Eligibility/Prerequisites Primary: PhD students within SwedNess Secondary: Other MSc/PhD students and Postdocs at Swedish/Nordic […]

SWEbeams workshop in Lund

The logos of SWEbeams, Lund University, Malmö University and Chalmers University of Technology

A workshop in Lund, Sweden regarding the research facilities under development in Lund: ESS and MAX IV. The workshop will be held in Swedish.