Student’s Spotlight – Ratchawit (Leo) Janewithayapun

Leo is a PhD student at Chalmers University working on the characterization and synthesis of melt-processable materials derived from wheat bran. Polysaccharides, such as cellulose or xylan are not melt-processable in their native state. However, with chemical modification, these abundant natural polymers can be transformed into materials exhibiting plastic-like processability and mechanical properties. In his […]

Student’s Spotlight – Karthika Kariattukarakaran Thilakan

Karthika is a PhD student from Uppsala University, working on the structure-property relationship in magnetic materials. Her primary focus involves working with metallic alloys, specifically magnetic quasicrystal approximants. Her research project consists of two main parts: the first delves into complex magnetic structures, with a focus on understanding non-trivial magnetic ground states and identifying universal […]

Student’s Spotlight – Juanita Francis

Juanita is a third-year PhD student from Lund University, focused on understanding the formation of silk model systems—specifically, recombinant Cylindriform silk and reconstituted silkworm silk. Her project will help in developing new design rules for mediating protein self-assembly by examining the aqueous polymer processing exhibited by cylindriform silk proteins. The transfer of this technology could […]