Chemistry: Scattering Methods

Acquire basic knowledge and understanding of different scattering methods, such as Small Angle Neutron Scattering, Small Angle X-Ray Scattering, and static and dynamic light scattering, used to study structural and dynamic properties of colloidal dispersions.

Imaging/Tomography, 3 hp

This course targets masters, PhD students and possibly postdocs from all fields. The objectives of the course are to develop awareness and understanding of different neutron imaging methods and their possible applications in different areas of research. Students should thus be able to make more effective use of neutron imaging in research by identification of the […]

Neutron scattering for medical and biomedical research, 1,5 hp

This course is an experimental part of cross-disciplinary course “MAX IV/ESS-based imaging for medical and biomedical research”. The main purpose of the course is to educate graduate students on the utilization of major neutron facilities. Lectures, presented by researchers from academia and neutron facilities, will include basic tutorials on the principles of scattering theory and […]