The Swedish Government presents a national strategy for ESS

The Swedish Government just presented a national strategy with the overall objectives for the Swedish participation in and hosting of the international European Spallation Source (ESS) research facility, currently under construction outside of Lund. The government's premise is that the ESS is a unique opportunity for Sweden as a knowledge nation, which is also strengthened by the neighboring national research facility MAX IV. The main objectives of the strategy are to present national targets for Sweden's work related to the ESS and to help create conditions for stakeholders to act in a coordinated and efficient manner. The strategy has a broad perspective and encompasses in some parts both ESS and MAX IV as well as the knowledge environment established around these plants. The government also wants to support the initiatives already taken different actors. The letter will be followed as required by assignments relevant authorities to achieve the objectives.

Read the full statement (in Swedish only) in the PDF document below or click this link.