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What is SNSS?

The Organisation

SNSS is an organisation open to all those who are using, or interested in the use of, neutron scattering techniques. There are currently about 200 members. SNSS is affiliated to the European Neutron Scattering Association (ENSA).

Neutron Scattering

Neutron scattering, the scattering of free neutrons by matter, can refer to either the physical process or the experimental technique which uses this process for the investigation of materials. Neutron scattering as a physical process is of primordial importance in nuclear engineering.


Become a part of a SNSS and the expansive network that has put Sweden on the neutron scattering map.

The Board

With the intention of reflecting as many of the Swedish universities active in the neutron scattering community, SNSS employs a roster of board members from universities all over Sweden.


The formal statutes of the Swedish Neutron Scattering Society, delineating the goals and guidelines of the society.

News & Events

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Research Area

Meet the SNSS scientists contributing to the neutron scattering field.

Research Facilities

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Swedish Infrastructure

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In neutron scattering experiments, neutrons are fired at a nuclei of atoms in molecules and materials. When the uncharged particles collide with  the sample material, they change direction – they scatter. This gives unique information on structure and dynamics of molecules and materials.

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