Job Opening: PhD student position in materials physics of energy materials

Chalmers University of Technology is looking for a PhD student to join the research group of Associate Professor Maths Karlsson at the Energy and Materials Division of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology and will also be affiliated to the Molecular Spectroscopy Group at the ISIS Pulsed Neutron & Muon Source in the United Kingdom.

Job description

The PhD student will be part of a collaborative project between Chalmers, Uppsala University and the Molecular Spectroscopy Group at the ISIS Pulsed Neutron & Muon Source, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK. The PhD student will be employed and based at Chalmers, but, because of the type of research, will be also spending a significant period of time at the ISIS facility in the U.K.

The project focuses on experimental studies on the nature of hydrogen dynamics in solid state oxide materials (both bulk and thin films) for next-generation fuel cells, batteries, and hydrogen-storage applications. The main techniques within this project will be inelastic and quasielastic neutron scattering methods, available at ISIS. However, other neutron facilities, in France, Germany, and the U.S.A., will be used on a complementary basis. As part of the project, the student will also take part in the evaluation of the current limitations associated with the measurement of hydrogen diffusion in thin films and interfaces. The PhD student will thus have the unique opportunity to work in close collaboration both with internationally leading experts in the field of neutron scattering applied to energy materials and world-leading instrument teams.


To qualify as a PhD student, you must have a master's level degree corresponding to at least 240 higher education credits in a relevant field. To be successful, you have to be highly motivated, independent, and demonstrate a high level of analytical and mathematical skills. Excellent knowledge of English, written and spoken, is essential.


18 May, 2018


Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology

Contract type

Full-time temporary employment


Max 5 years

Reference number


Contact information

Dr. Maths Karlsson
Energy and Materials